Luxury Boutique Hotel in Paris – Latin Quarter

Bonjour mes Amis,

Long time no writing, I was very very busy last year and had a hard time in finding the time for HotelXplain. The truth is that my son was born and as a happy father and good husband I had to spend more time with my family.

I decided that after a few comments , very few comments, that I had to come back with some nice places. I wanted to speak about a nice luxury boutique hotel in the Parisian Latin Quarter.

The place is called La Villa D’estrées and is situated on 17 Rue Gît le Coeur, a small perpendicular street of Rue St André des Arts. This 4 star, 10 units Boutique Hotel offers Double Deluxe rooms and suites. It price ranges between 200 and 450€ the night, but for a romantic stay I definitely recommend this place. Actually the owners of the Villa d’Estrées also own the Hotel across called the Résidence des Arts and the typical french Bistrot called the Café Latin.

The people are very helpful, there is great ambiance in the café in the evening. Leaving the hotel you reach in 5 minutes the Cathédrale de Notre-Dame de Paris, Boulevard St Germain, Place St-Michel, The Luxemburg Gardens and much more…

Enjoy your stay, and please do not forget to leave me a comment. A très bientôt.

Pascal from HotelXplain


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Hotel passionate willing to inform about the nicest hotels in the world but asking hoteliers to Explain their product!!!
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